Smarter data
with Machine Learning

Objects.AI's patent pending technology brings passive enterprise data to life.
Zero Experience Needed

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Actionable Insights and Predictive Analytics.

Objects.AI offers most comprehensive platform to activate data with Machine Learning.


Large amount of data and events are processed and distilled into business metrics that provide actionable clarity.

Intent Engine

Translate data into value with our patent pending Intent Engine. We map your business goals into machine learning algorithms that are smart to adapt to new information, data and business changes.

Any Data

Keeping and managing datasets should not require massive effort in normalization, pre-processing and scaling. With our SmartVault it is easy to upload and transform data using REST APIs

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Get smarter with Machine Learning

Objects.AI platform enables machine learning and predictive analytics on any data without requiring large data science teams. Objects.AI's cloud agnostic machine learning platform runs 1000s of models to deliver insights, alerts or predictions.

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